cultural & ecology projects

„We belong to the Earth is non-profit organization.
This organization was established in 2007 in Pilsen, Czech republic.
This organization promotes environmental protection and ecology projects.
We organize cultural and ecological festivals, lectures, photo exhibitions, slideshows,
movie evenings, World music concerts and theatre performaces.
„We belong to the Earth“ has been expanding since 2005.
Founders of the project are Roman Strejcek and Zdenek Vacek.


In 1855 the chief of stem Duwamish at forced handover his land spoke to the president of U.S.A. Franklin Peirce with his public speech. „He warened in his speech about exploitation of nature. Mountains, seas and oceans, rivers, fish, birdes and people they perceive as a one living organism and everythink is conected together. The chief of stem Seattle answered to the president of the U.S.A.: ,, How is possible to buy or sell the sky or the Earth? This idea is unknown to us. How can you buy from us freshness of the air or the shine of water, when we don`t own it ? Eatch piece of the Earth is sacred for mine people, eatch shinning needles, sandy coust, fog in dark forest, eatch opening in the forest, eatch buzzing insect are sacred for mine people. We belong to the Earth and she is part of us…”

e-mail: jsmecastizeme@email.cz

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